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Heat pumps - Water / Water

A heat pump that uses energy derived from groundwater, whose temperature is constant and ranges from 10⁰C to more. With this system, two wells are needed – one from which the water flows through the heat exchanger, and the heat is taken away, and the other is a sinking well in which the cooled water returns.
WATER WATER heat pumps have the ability to drain energy of water and energy of the earth. WATER WATER heat pump is used for heating and cooling: houses, apartments, business premises, greenhouses, etc. These systems can be used on existing central heating systems such as wood, coal or gas.
When the groundwater is used as a heat source, which is optimized during the entire year at a temperature of 14 to 16 ° C, the maximum coefficient of useful effect during the entire year is achieved by optimizing the heat pump parameters.


– Reduction of heating costs up to 80%. With the prices of wood, coal and electricity that are constantly growing, it is unlikely that you will ever regret over your decision. In fact, you will start enjoying cheap heating from the first month.
– With this solution, you prevent several tonnes of toxic carbon dioxide per year from venting into the atmosphere. From your home – a contribution worthy of praise. In fact, using heat pumps, you will achieve the same effect for the environment as if two cars were lifted off from traffic for life.
– No “fuel delivery” is needed, as we are accustomed to in coal, wood, or fuel oil. The heat pump works on the electricity already in your home, but how economical!
– Maintenance of this system is unnecessary, this is a device that works according to the principle of “turn on the play”. The smoke and chimney, ash and heating, leakage and condensation of the boiler on the first day will fall into oblivion.
– The heat pump, by means of its powerful automation alone, determines the optimum temperature in your home on the basis of external temperature.

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