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Heat pumps - Earth / Water

A heat pump that drains 75% of the energy using a geosonde in the ground (at a depth of about 100m). At these depths, the earth has a constant temperature (from 10-15 ° C) which is ideal for energy utilization.
Another way is the capillary collectors, where the tube bundles are horizontally placed through the ground at a depth of 1.2 to 1.5 m (below the freezing limit). With such a system, the free surface should be 2 to 2.5 times larger than the heating surface of the building.


– As the temperature of groundwater and soil is almost constant throughout the year, the efficiency of the device does not change by lowering the outside temperature …
– If with the help of these pumps we are heating one of the largest buildings in the world, we can freely say that there is no limit in capacity …
– Low noise level thanks to the optimum sound insulation design of the device
– Ground-water heat pumps can cool your facility almost completely free with “passive” or “natural” cooling
– In low-cost countries, the heat pump can be started monoenergetically with an additional electric heater. Additional heating can also be used for drying the building or in case of service

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