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Heat pumps - Air / Water

The air is found everywhere around us, which, at temperatures below zero, “hides” heat in itself …
Installation is so fast that, as you get back from work, your home will already start saving by heating with a heat pump-air
For well-insulated buildings up to 300 m2, the investment repayment period is fastest with the installation of an air-water pump …
In the summer period, the preparation of hot water is up to 10 times more efficient than in the traditional way of heating with electric boilers.
With the size of the indoor unit as a single kitchen element and an elegant and sleek design, each room will have a space for hanging.


– Divide into a quiet indoor and outdoor unit that delivers air
– Flexible mounting of the outdoor unit
– Compact dimensions of the indoor unit of the kitchen raster
– Comfortable hot water supply thanks to a 170-liter boiler
– Optimized use of electricity from own production

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