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Company “Installer GRG” d.o.o. from Šabac, was founded in 2004.
Since its inception to date, the main activity of the company is the sale, installation and service of heating and cooling systems.
With more than 30 years of experience and successful business on the foreign and domestic market, we are one of the leading companies in the field of heating and air conditioning.
The employees of the company possess highly skilled knowledge and a large number of successfully realized projects. Following global trends and technologies and following all educational events, knowledge is constantly expanding and guaranteeing our clients quality and reliable cooperation.
We have professional staff for the development of thermotechnics and improvement of the environment. Since our business is related to direct and large energy consumption and has a great impact on ecology, our team developed its own products: water and water heat pumps and ground water pumps.
Production of own pumps was put up in 2013 in newly built specialized plants near Šabac.
In addition to heat pumps, in factories in Austria and Serbia, we also produce high quality pipes for floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling “GRG Smart Pipe”.
The region in which we operate has the huge potential of surface and groundwater, which are inexhaustible and at the same time unused. With the use of our devices, savings can be achieved up to 5-6 times in energy consumption.
Of course, we also work on the development of other resources such as the sun (solar energy), pellets and cuttings.


By combining experience, professionalism and quality embedded materials, we strive to offer our customers the best possible service and always be ahead of the competition.


We have the knowledge, experience and all the resources needed to make your project completed within the agreed deadlines. In cooperation with us, you receive guarantees to respect the deadlines on our part.


We carefully and fundamentally plan each project. We take care of the budget of our clients and strive to provide the maximum efficient service. Quality and long-term savings are our priority.

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