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Floor / Wall - Heating and Cooling

Heat transfer is done by sagging, unlike the radiator where the heat is transferred through the hot air. As a result, the feeling of heat is much more pleasant and the respiratory functions are also relieved.? The underfloor heating works at considerably lower temperatures than the radiator, so the pressure difference between the ceiling and the floor is low, so there is no airflow that raises dust. In addition, there is no overheating of air, which results in dry air. Because of these reasons, underfloor heating is recommended as the healthiest. Especially suitable for people who are allergic to dust and people with respiratory problems. The underfloor heating is designed so that the floor temperature is 23-25⁰C in the living rooms, and in the bathrooms maximum of 29⁰C. These are the ideal temperature for the feet. If floor heating is placed inexperienced, there are hot or cold floors, which clearly affects the user and therefore, the floor systems are entrusted to professionals.
Floor / wall cooling
Floor heating provides the possibility of extending to the walls, as well as summer cooling – passing cold water through the pipes. Such cooling is much healthier than those classic air conditioners, because they do not cool the air, but the floors and walls on pleasant 20-23⁰C. Avoid colds that are characteristic of classic refrigerators. • Materials of the floor coverings. The materials of floor coverings can be different from ceramic to classic parquet. It is important that the project is adapted to this type of heating in order to anticipate the appropriate floor layers. It is important only that the parquet is properly dried to 8-9% moisture. Floor heating is best fitted with parquet flooring up to 15 mm thick.

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